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On Betfair, if you try to place a bet for odds of 100 or more you get a dialog box pop up telling you that the odds are over 99. This could be useful I suppose if you're laying and accidentally added a zero, but if you're attempting to back then surely the higher the odds the better. Anyway, I decided to turn the warning off.

Similarly, if you enter odds which aren't allowable, such as 11.1, then you'll see another dialog telling you that the odds aren't allowable. The odds you entered will then be rounded up or down depending on whether you're laying or backing respectively. I decided to turn that warning off too.

If you also want these warnings to stop bothering you, follow the following steps. What will happen is that the dialog will still appear, but a small program running in the background will automatically click 'OK' on the dialog to close it almost before you can see it.

  1. Download QuickMacros from http://www.quickmacros.com/, install it and run it. Make sure QuickMacros runs itself when windows boots. I think that's an installation option.

  2. On the 'file' menu choose 'new' -> 'new macro'.

  3. Rename the new macro if you like to some name you'll remember.

  4. Left click the new macro from the list on the left to select it.

  5. In the text area in the top right paste the following:
    if (child("Odds value is out of the acceptable range" "Static" val(command)) or \
    child("Warning: You have entered odds greater than 99." "Static" val(command)))
    but "OK" val(command)
    Note that that is should only be two lines. I have had to split the first line into 2 lines to fit it in this journal. You should join them together again, and remove the '\' from between them.

  6. Right click the new macro (in the list on the left) and choose 'properties'.

  7. Click 'created window'.

  8. Put 'Microsoft Internet Explorer' (without the quotes) in the 'Window name' box.

  9. Check 'it is a popup window'

  10. Check 'exact'

  11. Click 'OK'

  12. Click the floppy disk icon to save everything.
That should do it. Try backing some favourite at odds of 999 and see if the warning dialog appears and disappears quickly.
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