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Changing the Frequency of Automatic Updates

By default Internet Explorer waits for 30 seconds between each automatic refresh of the odds display on Betfair. The refresh itself can take a second or two resulting in a time-between-refreshes of 31 or 32 seconds.

You can change this waiting time to any amount you like using a proxy server to edit the code that www.betfair.com sends to your browser.

The steps are exactly the same as for fixing the 'bets-in-the-wrong-order' bug - just the two code snippets are different.

To change the delay between automatic refreshes:

Add this to the default actions:

# ------------------------------------------------------------------------
# ------------------------------------------------------------------------
and add this to the filters:
# ------------------------------------------------------------------------
FILTER: betfair-refresh
s!var iRefreshInt=30000;!var iRefreshInt=20*1000;!U
# ------------------------------------------------------------------------
The line that says "s!var iRefreshInt=30000;!var iRefreshInt=20*1000;!U" is telling privoxy to replace the line of code that sets the refresh period. It is usually set to be 30000 milliseconds (30 seconds), and we are changing it to be 20*1000 milliseconds (20 seconds). If you want the refresh to be more or less regular then change the 20 to whatever delay you want it to be. If you make it too low, however, then it's possible that your browser won't be able to finish displaying the page properly before the timer goes off again and makes it start all over again.
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